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Edm headphones?

Any recommendations for a good high quality edm headphones? I have hd6xx and dt990 powered by the shiit or dark voice tube amp.

Fostex TH/TR series, absolute favorite for electronic. Classic V profile, similar in ways to DT990 but a little more fun than analytical, and more bass. They are slightly less bright than those DT990s, but they have a smoother transition to bass and more amplitude down low. My favorite is the TH900, many find it too bright to taste, but if you tolerate DT990s you will be just fine. The MD TR versions are excellent as well, and the different wood varieties tune the profile a bit.
Focal Elegia
Just a few questions before I start spouting exposition and waxing poetic (and he's back at it again...)
  1. What is your budget?
  2. What are your thoughts on the sound of the HD 6XX? Do you want something that retains similar qualities, or do you want something different?
  3. What kind of sound do you prefer/ what kind of sound do you want?
  4. Which Schiit amp?
Best of luck in your search!
I will do my best to help out as well, but I will wait until @dcha12 questions are answered.