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Will this keycap set have shine-through? Having the lettering be translucent would be SICK. You could configure your backlighting to activate on touch and cause the rune to light up the color of fire for ultimate nerd immersion


This would be awesome, but like @filefish said we would need to manufacture entirely new doubleshot tooling that would only be used for this set - hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately it just doesn't make sense to do.
HoffmanMysterIt would not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
A community member
Nov 3, 2022
You'd need special molds for each legend, that could only be used for LOTR sets, since no other set would have this script. That would cost a fortune. The only way this exists is by making it dye-sub (and thus, opaque) since you can print anything on a blank cap without needing special molds.
Apr 8, 2023
I would definitely buy a set if it were see through. Despite the cost, opaque just doesn't do it justice. Maybe they can run a campaign to get the tooling funds. It would be truly an out of this world setup.
Dec 20, 2023
eXpired56kunlikely to happen now, keyboards are on the whole in downtrend. One indicator to show this is the number of people hunting vintage keyboards on eBay, 2-3 years ago every good board had 50-100 watchers and more browsers. Now good boards are lucky to get 10-20 watchers. Mind you these are boards with blue alps and such. Also in-stock GMK sets hanging around for a long time getting big discounts are a sign that keyboards are not the burgeoning market they were a few years ago.
Nov 3, 2022
totally. that is the one gimmick that would work 100% with this keycap set. but it will have to be made outside of the MT3 line, which i also would want.
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