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Foam inserts/grills for HD58x headphones

Is there either a place to order form insert replacements (not pads) for the HD58x headphones? If not, is there a certain type of foam material I should be looking for to make them myself if not available? P.S. Is there a search function? I could not find one. Thank you!
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Nov 19, 2022
A damn good question and one that remains unanswered. Why is there not an authentic OEM foam insert available from Sennheiser, for the gazillion headsets out there, where many of us nutty folks would pay more for someone to say, “This is the stuff that Axel spec’d.” , that’s all I want🤷🏻 I’ll buy a box… I have bought from the Knocks on eBay… you will see various, some with a different assortment of cell sizes. I have run HD 580’s without them for some time, looking for the authentic ones. They do perform a small audio functionality, takes an edge off somewhere on a graph, and look better;) Standard pads allow many folks ears to touch, so it is also a comfort thing with most in this series. Dekoni velours are quite close in signature, and further away for those of us not into ear touching as part of the experience. Put the OEM pads in the nice box for storage, pull them out to hear the “Grell” signature once every so often, they will last longer. Headband pads I get directly from Senn., ear pads from various, Dekoni mostly.
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