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DCX, Improved

I just wanted to toss out some thoughts after using a few DCX sets for a while and talking with people in various parts of the world. DCX is pretty decent. I wouldn't call it perfect, but you get good kitting and quality over all for a good price. But I do think there are two things that need improvement.
  1. Availability. This is a problem with MT3 as well and it stems from drop keeping the profiles as proprietary as possible. Make the sets available through international vendor partners. Make sure they keep your branding and such, but if you want to get a solid foothold in the market, make your product available in more of the market.
  2. Language support. Consider adding kitting for various other languages. As someone that is multilingual, I would enjoy having some support for other layouts/languages and if you are going to open up to international markets, then this should go hand in hand.
Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied. The sets have solid base kits, the colors are great, legends are clean and crisp. Keep it up.

Dec 6, 2022
i think should change font on caps too. font so chinaaaaaaa pls change it
Thank you for the feedback! Both of the points you've raised are being addressed currently. International vendors are in the works for a variety of regions - the process is not quick or easy, so I can't provide specific timing, but it is coming. International kits are also in the planning stages; again can't give specific timing, but we should have more to share on this soon.
"Make the sets available through international vendor partners" Logistics, shipping, taxes, customer service, accountability, etc. Sounds like a big logistical nightmare
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