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QMK massdrop/alt:default compilation error

I just bought drop/alt keyboard. I have a number of these that I bought years ago. On the old ones, I used qmk (from: to configure the keyboards. Now trying to compile latest source (using util/ massdrop/alt:default as the build command) compilation (actually linking) ends with this error: Linking: .build/massdrop_alt_default.elf                              [ERRORS]  |   | arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: .build/obj_massdrop_alt_default/printf.o: No such file or directory  |  make[1]: *** [builddefs/ .build/massdrop_alt_default.elf] Error 1 Make finished with errors make: *** [Makefile:414: massdrop/alt:default] Error 1 Has anyone seen that and come up with a fix? Thanks.
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