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A question about a small-sized keyboard with trackpoint + frontal FN key, can't remember the name anymore

I have a question for you all, I once saw a listing hier on drop (at that time massdrop) of a keyboard but can't remember the name or anything else other than:
  • it was small-sized, most likely 60-68% ish
  • it had a trackpoint like TEX Yoda II does, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a TEX Yoda keyboard
  • the FN key was frontal on the housing of the keyboard underneath the spacebar.
  • so it was aligned underneath the spacebar and was similar in length of the spacebar as well
  • name could have contained something like this: smart or s-65 or s-68

I hope I didn't imagine this and it truly exists one way or another. If someone knows anything or can point me towards some similar boards, that would be much appreciated. As this combo would be awesome to take it along with you on trips.

Kind regards



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