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Mar 27, 2023
I love your whole setup! That mouse looks great with the keyboard, too. Just remember: There is no "Escape". 👀
Mar 31, 2023
Yeah, I actually did my first two mods: Force break and tape. I've read this elsewhere, but I'll echo it after doing it myself: Force break is essential on the Q-series. It really surprised me how much of a difference just a few pieces of tape made in getting rid of ping. The tape mod seemed to help with making the board sound less hollow and it was easy and fun to do. I don't have any extra foam to put in there but I wouldn't mind trying out different materials in the future.
Apr 3, 2023
AruchizanOh nice! It's always hard to tell what mods actually do something to make it sound better and ones that don't lol. That's good to know about the force break, I'm going to remember that for when I eventually get mine! The c2 spacebar and shift keys have a great sound out of box but all the main keys have a lot of ping, would be nice to have something that has that feels solid typing on haha
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