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Can I hook these up to speakers instead of headphones options? Sorry if it’s a noob question, I’m completely new to this life :)


Welcome to "this life!" My roots are on Head-Fi, and the saying there is "Welcome, sorry about your wallet!" Yes, you absolutely can connect these to speakers. I made an explanation of what each component in an audio system does, and what an upgrade to each component brings as improvement. A nicer DAC would benefit speakers, and the headphone amp would provide volume control to active speakers that don't have their own dial... but this doesn't have enough power to amp speakers by itself. "Active Speakers" are speakers with a power amp built-in, or you could separately buy a power amp to use with any passive speaker. Clearer?
Evshruganother noob question... should I use the balanced output for speakers?
Chase14Two main categories of speakers: •Active Speakers, common with PC Desktop speakers and Bluetooth speakers, which have their own power amp built-in, and probably just have RCA or 3.5mm connectors (or wireless). These probably don’t have the option of a balanced connector (don’t need it, you’re just sending it a music signal). •Passive Speakers, common in Floorstanding or Bookshelf speakers, have a red and black binding post for each speaker, and rely on external amp components. A speaker amp has the correct outputs for these speakers (and a LOT more power than a headphone amp!), so they’re basically already balanced.
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