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xDuoo XA-10 DAC/Amp

xDuoo XA-10 DAC/Amp

Product Description
Handling audio conversion and amplification with powerful components and a fully balanced circuit, the XA-10 DAC/amp from xDuoo is a hi-fi foundation fit for any setup. Dual AK4493EQ DAC chips take care of digital-to-audio conversion, enabling the XA-10 to support PCM 32-bit, 768 kilohertz, DSD 512, and full MQA decoding Read More
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Mar 27, 2023
Can I hook these up to speakers instead of headphones options? Sorry if it’s a noob question, I’m completely new to this life :)
Welcome to "this life!" My roots are on Head-Fi, and the saying there is "Welcome, sorry about your wallet!" Yes, you absolutely can connect these to speakers. I made an explanation of what each component in an audio system does, and what an upgrade to each component brings as improvement. A nicer DAC would benefit speakers, and the headphone amp would provide volume control to active speakers that don't have their own dial... but this doesn't have enough power to amp speakers by itself. "Active Speakers" are speakers with a power amp built-in, or you could separately buy a power amp to use with any passive speaker. Clearer?
Is the Bluetooth 2 way? Eg send AptxHD to bluetooth headphones?
No, it only receives Bluetooth.
Feb 5, 2021
is the red circle the volume control knob?
Yes, the outer ring turns to adjust the volume while the display remains constant.
Mar 26, 2021
Is the XLR output for use with headphones (i.e. amplified) or to feed an external amplified (i.e. line level)?
Jun 22, 2023
It's a stereo 4 pin amplified output for use with headphones.
Mar 25, 2021
can I switch between aux output (which I assume is pre-out) and headphone output?
Jun 22, 2023
Not to my knowledge, my unit outputs to all outputs at the same time, including all headphone outputs. This can be handy if you want to use more than set of headphones at a time, but keep in mind that there's only a single volume control for the headphone output. This works pretty well for 2 sets of the exact same headphones, one using 4.4mm pentacon and one using the XLR output.