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Drop ALT Bricked after trying to flash it

tl;dr my keyboard stopped working after flashing it and I can't get it to work again. Okay so I've owned my Drop ALT for about a year and I always toggled the LEDs with the hotkeys. I decided I want to set them in a more permanent way, so I followed Drop's instructions to flash my keyboard. I followed the instructions on my macbook pro, I create the bin file, I ran the Drop Keyboard Configurator. I tried press Fn + B but it didn't do anything so I went ahead and pressed the pin in the back. The bootloader script exited as if everything work fine, but my keyboard stopped working. I couldn't use it to type, and the LEDs were blinking. Note: they were blinking to the new colors I had configured. Anyways, I tried unplugging and re-plugging many times to no avail. I then tried plugging it into my Windows PC. There, instead of blinking, it would never light up but instead Windows would keep playing the chime to indicate that a USB device was disconnected, and it would do so repeatedly without stopping. I tried using the original cable too, no changes. The only thing that I'm able to do is to put the keyboard into the RESET mode by pressing the pin in the back, and then running the flashing script. Briefly after the flash script on my Windows, it plays the chime indicating that a USB device was connected, and then it goes back to looping the USB device disconnected chime. I'm pretty bummed about this because I've taken good care of this keyboard and spent upwards of 300$ on it now, and having it not be usable after a year just feels really bad. If you have any suggestions of what I can try to fix this, please share I'll pretty much try anything.
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