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How do y'all handle under-desk cable management?

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I ended up with this solution centered around Wall Control strips mounted on the under side of my desk. Anker's USB hubs fit securely into Wall Control's medium slotted hooks (I have a 2nd USB hub on the other side). I have magnetic bridle rings made by Magdaddy attached horizontally to act as a cable channel. Admittedly, it's a very weird and not cost-effective solution. But it does allow me to quickly add/remove USB devices and quickly adjust cabling (which I have to do fairly often). I think the common off-the-shelf solutions like cable raceways and under desk trays are good for hiding cable mess, but not good for quick adjustments. The only off-the-shelf cable management solution that I did like is the Steelcase one, but unfortunately there isn't enough space for me to mount that due to the crossbar.

May 26, 2023
Using a certified fire proof industrial electricians tape or electrical repair spray (rubberized plastic) removable with a sanding sponge and fireproof corrosive. Or just use aluminum tape.
May 25, 2023
In my experience, most people are either tidy by nature, or they are sick of a mess and are willing to clean it up, but only if they won't have to do it every year/month/week/etc. Under-desk cable management is the WORST because you are on your back under your desk trying to mount some gadget AND its wires while also trying to keep anything from falling on your head or in your eye. After that you just don't want to take it down again. Ever. So forget about fighting with cable anchors or retention clips. Skip hanging a power strip from a couple of screws, because you KNOW it is going to take you 10 minutes to line up all of the mounting holes with the screws EVERY time you take it down. Rule #1: If it takes you longer to change a wire or un-mount and re-mount something, then you need a better solution. My current setup is a metal-desk at home and a wood desk at the office. The required materials are surprisingly similar no matter what you are working with (except for glass, sorry glass guys). Here's the basic list:
  1. Sheet metal plates 1/8" or 1/16" thick, ferrous, preferably with mounting holes drilled into them, and screws that won't corrode away (and are short enough so they won't punch through your tabletop -- WOOD ONLY.
  2. A roll of self-stick velcro.
  3. Rare earth magnets.
  4. Hot glue gun.
Heat up the glue gun all the way, then touch the tip to an inconspicuous spot. If it melts the plastic then you might be better off with superglue. Otherwise attach the magnets to the stuff you want to attach under the table. Figure out how much velcro you need to hold the excess for each wire, then just use a magnet to pin the velcro in place while you coil the cable and tie it down. Repeat as necessary. It should take very little time to make changes to your setup thanks to the magnets and straps. WARNING: Extremely powerful magnets can pinch your skin and wipe your credit cards, so try to keep that in mind. Enjoy.
May 25, 2023
A mounted power bar (big one) that fits all my outlets + extras if need be. A lot of zip ties/fabric ties to keep the cables managed neatly. Recently rearranged my cable management and replaced an old bulky power bar that was blocking me from propping up my feet to a new flatter power bar/better placement. Makes a world of a difference.
May 24, 2023
One of the best cable management advice I've heard came from JayzTwoCents: instead of a standard power strip get a big industrial one from HomeDepot or another similar place. Those strips have more distance between outlets allowing you to plug all of your adapters without them interfering with each other.
I have a SecretLabs Magnus desk (another cost-ineffective solution), and I'll agree that it makes things way harder to rearrange if you've got everything in a bunker hiding away - particularly since I don't want my monitor breathing down my neck, so the main one is sitting on the tray cover. Though, it's a metal desk with magnets, so it's also quite handy & if you set up a hub and whatnot, needing to rearrange isn't as much of an issue. I'd argue that it's the cleanest I've ever had a desk since I was a kid and all the cables just got thrown behind the desk with no mind. My desk back then had a back to it - no longer I'm afraid. Heck, I remember my SCSI scanner being routed through these cabinets that were right next to my desk. Those were the days!
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