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I'm unable to flash my CSTM80 with new firmware.

Just got my CSTM80 yesterday, and I'm having trouble attempting to flash it with new firmware. After pressing FN + Left CTRL + Backspace, the keyboard stops working and mounts as a drive but the RGB lights stay on. Attempting to flash the firmware during this time results in the Javascript error shown here. I then need to unplug/re-plug the keyboard in order to make it function again. The flashing instructions mention using a pin to press a small reset button under the keyboard if the bootloader step fails, but I've looked hard and can't find a reset button anywhere- and there's no mention of one for the CSTM80 anywhere online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 27, 2024
I managed to resolve the issue with the following steps! In Windows 10:
  1. Search for "Edit the system environment variables" in the start menu
  2. Click the "Environment Variables..." button
  3. Under "System Variables", find "PATH", select it, and click "Edit..."
  4. If you cannot find %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\wbem, click "New" and add it
  5. Click "OK" to close out of all the windows
After doing this, the Configurator app flashed the keyboard with no problem.
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