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How do they sound?


Also haven't tried the MEE ones, but have the Oladance ones that are more expensive. It's Bluetooth audio and it has no seal on your ear, audio will suffer from both of these things. However, if you're not needing super accurate audio, these are cheaper than the Oladance. The audio can be a little flat or overly bassy depending on the tuning with open-ear headphones. I think they are less bass-heavy than bone-conduction headphones in my experience. The Shokz Open Comm (mentioned by kplawver) are bone-conduction versus these and the Oladance being little speakers that project into your ear.
Jan 29, 2024
I haven't tried these, but I have the Shokz Open Comm and the sound is OK, but nothing like an in-ear ear bud. There's not as much bass, and they can sound tinny depending on what's playing. They're great for calls and podcasts, but music will leave you disappointed (unless MEE has figured out some great advancement in bone conduction, but I can't really see how these will sit in closer contact with your head than the Shokz do). All that said, they are great for when you're walking and need to be able to hear what's going on in your surroundings and other brands' "transparency" modes don't work for you.
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