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When will Drop get MTNU?

MT3 is great and all but after using MTNU I can never go back. When will Drop get MTNU? Drop has so many cool sets but at this point I’m not interested in any other profiles. Cherry, DCS, DXA, OEM, XDA, SA, etc all boring. MT3 was neat but it’s boring now too (and too tall). Hoping to spend boatloads of money here again sometime soon, but that won’t happen until Drop offers something interesting again like its own custom cap, MTNU, or another low profile sculpted keycap. e.g., I tried CannonKeys CXA and preordered SLK Dessau. Neither will be permanent use but at least they’re something different.
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Feb 15, 2024
Drop runs MT3 because they own the molds. (Though they still treat it like a redheaded stepchild compared to DCX.) I don't see them running any MTNU sets; they have no financial stake in it, they own the molds for and sell their own competing profiles, and have a pretty tense relationship with Matt3o.
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