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Hi, I just got a Drop SHIFT v2 and the quick reference card that came with it says that I should be able to toggle it between Mac and PC mode using FN+LCtrl+O but when I do that it does nothing.

I have tried other key combos and they DO work, for example FN+LCtrl+backslash does in fact toggle CAPSLOCK and CTRL, and FN+LCtrl+Backspace does reset the keyboard Is this feature just not working? I realize that I could potentially setup different Mac and PC layers in the configurator but I don't want to do that. Thanks in Advance!

Mar 2, 2024
I have the ALT v2, and I'm also having problems with the configuration guide's hotkeys not being the same, specifically around controlling the LED mode/brightness/etc. Seems like it would be trivial for DROP to provide an updated list of FN hotkeys for the new version, but I haven't been able to find one.
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