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Where to start

Hello Drop people (sorry for the future ignorance) i was wondering where to actually start building my own keyboard? i see all these cool keysets and frames, but i simply dont know what to buy, i find it a bit confusing. lets say i wanna build my own keyboard. where do i start? what do i put in the basket for it to become a complete keyboard in the end?

Great question, and one that we are trying to implement better tools to address in the future. The starting point can depend on exactly how DIY you want to get with your particular keyboard build. ▪️ If you purchase a prebuilt keyboard, then you might only need new keycaps if you want to swap those out (hotswap boards also allow you to swap switches easily if you want) ▪️ If you purchase a "barebones" kit, then you will need switches, keycaps, and possibly stabilizers (some come with, some don't) ▪️ If you want to go all-in and fully customize everything, you might want to explore switch lube and other similar modifications This can all still be a bit overwhelming though - we have put together a bunch of informational articles as a How-To guide that might be a useful starting point. :) Please post back here if there's anything else we can help with!
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