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Tron MD3 Keycap Full Base Set Possibility?

I've been a longtime fan of Tron since my dad watched it with me back when I was little. I've only recently jumped eyes closed into the black hole of keycaps and artisan style individual keycaps. I have LOTRs keycaps, Drop artisan keycaps, Etsy LOTRs keycaps, as yeah i'm a fan. I can see it's like collected comics and vinyl, both of which i also do, although I'm finally selling off the comic collection because well, vinyl is expensive. Any ways, point is, when do you think Matt3o will design a Tron based keycap set that can fit a full size or TKL keyboard? I like the profile, I know SA is similar and only recently started really analyzing different styles. I'm not a huge fan of the Drop DSA style caps, too short, but i would buy those if they were in Tron as well. Does Drop or anyone know if this might every happen? I get it's Disney and that might kill it but I know with a large community and the want behind that community, we might be able to finagle something, right? Or is it a lost cause?

Mar 6, 2024
Contact a boutique keycap designer directly, Discord might be a good place to look especially on the mechkeys server, and see about it, I doubt this forum post will get someone to design anything but you have a shot if you ask someone on Geekhack or Discord or even run a geekhack IC with your own design.
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