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Upgrading Keyboard

Hey everybody, I have this E-Yooso Z11 keyboard which i want to upgrade, im new to keyboards and modding, any suggestions?

this is where i bought it from and idk what can i upgrade, im thinking to upgrade switches but idk what else can i find to upgrade from it, i might change the keycaps but idk where to start. I would appreciate the help to every extent. Hope u doing great and may the keyboard lord bless you

Like Keyboy said, switches, stabilizers, and keycaps will all be good starting points. The reddit thread you linked lists a few additional mods that are typically pretty easy/inexpensive to test as well (band aid, foam, tape). Based on the Amazon link, it looks like the version you got has mostly standard-sized keycaps, so swapping those around shouldn't be too hard. The worst case scenario is that legends might not perfectly match up, depending on which keycap set you get. (The board shown in the reddit thread has some really weird non-standard keycap sizes in the lower right, thankfully yours should not) Do you have any questions about keycaps that we might be able to help with? Compatibility or otherwise?
Apr 14, 2024
Switches stabalizers keycaps is many more but these are good firsts if you are a newbie
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