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This was the last of the most known and praised of the Koss line. And they're definitely not least. They have their own sound, but if I had to compare it, I think they have the bass of the Porta Pro and the clarity of the ksc75/kph30i. There's some pretty deep low end, and some pretty great detail up top. Comfort is fantastic. I would say it's got close to the clamp force of a porta pro (so they don't shift when you look down etc), and I've never had a headband this lean and lightweight. It kind of just disappears on the head. Very very great comfort. Listening to Koss products for the last 20+ years, I can wholehearted recommend these. And the blackout asthetics of the drop x looks fantastic. Oh and drop themselves were great. They shipped out the headphones not even 24 hours after placing the order. So I was pleasantly surprised by that. 5 stars


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