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How to remap the MO(1) key?

When I open the DROP app with my CTRL V2, I see that Layer 0 has MO(1) mapped to the key two right of the spacebar amd Application mapped to the key three right of the spacebar. I want to put MO(1) three right of the spacebar, but I could not find MO(1) in the list of possibilities after successfully unlocking my keyboard. Any hints for me? Does MO(1) have a different name? By the way, MO(1) acts just like the FN key, meaning that I hold it down and press Q, W, etc. to change the RGB lighting.

Hey! Since you're seeing the MO(1) key code, I believe you are in Full Control mode, as should be for this customization. (Layer Management in the upper right when customizing the keyboard)
Once that's verified, click Customize to change the keymap. You'll see that default configuration you mentioned. (You might already be looking at this screen) To change the Application key (default for that third-from-spacebar key) to MO(1), follow the screenshot attached below. ▪️ Click the key to change (Application in this case) ▪️ Click "Layer" on the right of the customization overlay ▪️ Click "Momentary Layer Switch", then click the down arrow on "activate layer ___" ▪️ Select Layer 1
Hope this helps! If anything is unclear or shows up differently on your end, please let me know and I can clarify. :)
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