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Mars/Space themed design

Howdy, I am a big fan of the aesthetic seen in the movie the Martian. Especially in regards to the tech and the color scheme; the keyboard in the photo is made by drop and has 80%-90% of those colors. Id really love to see a good spin of it into a keyboard like that, maybe get some retro vibes like you'd see from the show Loki and the TVA computers. Some cool diagrams, like a solar system one or some of the voyager 1 glyphs; there's a lot of potential. That is all way beyond my capability as a consumer, so I'm posting ideas here🤷‍♂️. I hope someone runs with it.

Have you seen the Godspeed R2 (Ares) kits yet? Looks like it would be right up the alley of what you're describing!
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