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What Cheaper than Beats??????????? Similar quality

So in my case I like loud music and I have a pair of Beats by Dre Mixr headphones and they're amazing but I am wondering if there are any other headphones that compare with a lesser price attached to them can anybody give me some insight it would be very helpful thank you

honestly bro beats are shit but hope my earlier reply help somewhat
Since you are looking for bassy headphones I would look to Sony XB series. If you just need good closed headphones - check ATH-M40x, AKG K553, Senns HD598C, Monoprice 8323.
Well, the Noontec Zoro 2 comes in mind, but the problem is, it has a different sound sig than what you prefer. The PortaPros are also good, but sound sig is again, different (especially so since it's an open headphone, thus lacking in subbass response and then also leaks a ton of sound). You can, however, go and try some IEMs. RHA MA750 and Shure SE215 are both a compelling option, and they have the bassy sound that you might like
If you're going to find an 'endgame' for these kind of sound sig though, I think you can try and check out some Audeze LCD series (The 2 is good, and right now it's less than 1 thousand, which is a good pick if you want those), and then there's the Fostex TH900, with ridiculously fun amount of subbass that can rumble and tickle your spine. Also, there's the ZMF Atticus. Slightly bloomy bass response, but at around half the TH900, this is also an awesome pick if you want that boom boom bass.
EDIT: Might wanna check out on Audio Technica M50x perhaps. Seems like it's gonna be rather bassy too. Perhaps it's a bit better than your current Mixr.
Probably Sol Republic. Both of it and beats have a strong bass.
Koss Porta Pro $50. The audiophile gateway drug. It has better sound signature than Beat Solo2.
Also, Amazon Lightweight On-Ear headphones $15. I kid you not. These don't win in the style department, but they sound a hell of a lot better and less congested than Beats do.
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Like with most headphones, you'll damage your hearing before you get too loud for the headphones
Koss Porta Pro is overhyped. They don't sound good. They sound muffled.
Monolith monoprice m560. They sell for $200, they are planars and can be used in both open and closed configuration. Check out the reviews. They are not wireless though
So far so good thanks yall
If you like Beats the V-Moda XS is usually a good transition to better gear, they are similarly priced now but the beats were more upon release:
yeah vmodas bass is tight rocking the m100 right now.good portable but uncomfortable long periods. thx00 bass i blowing my mind everyday
And don't be afraid to buy headphones used because its the best bang for your buck
Well your not getting wireless functionality, but Audio Technicha's have really good sound and you can find really good ones that are not too pricey