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Planck stats infographic for Massdrop #3


Thanks to everyone that participated in the drop! I was pretty blown away by the number of participants in both the Planck kit and keycap drops - this drop exceeded the number of Plancks that I've ever sold through the store (about 2200).
The data you see here and in the spreadsheet below is directly from Massdrop, and represents the number of options that people selected - occasionally a couple orders won't go through because of payment failure (I think MD just sent out an email about ordering 2296 kits).
Raw data for the charts here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ov-Ak4FBvvyyJeMXbKijT10dNoRg61pzPeQUTjHOqLs/edit?usp=sharing
ltopper, nnc-tlb, and 24 others

Haha, the plurality in each category matches my order. Cool stats!
Any statistics on which country the purchases came from? Would be cool to see how many were bought in my country.
That would be hella interesting
As Borat would say: "Great Success". Congratulations.
Imagine all the aftermarket doors this kind of increase in userbase will open.
Woooah congrats Jack! Here's to the next drop! :D
Again, congratulations on the well deserved success, Jack!
haha my planck is the most common among all variants and i'm happy!
what were the stats of key caps of pbt vs abs?
The only PBT keycaps we had were XDA - not really the best comparison!
i know i enjoy trivial info. but pbt is da best
Lovely breakdown. I figured zeals would be popular