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The Sea of hearts Switch---Hope every smile you have in the future comes from your heart!

'Emo' seems like a popular word nowadays, from my point of view, it reflects the current state of life in today's society. As the pace of social life accelerates and the pressure increases, we all experience depression to some extent. If you find people around you have become ‘emo’, let's give them more praise, support, and tolerance.   In the past, transportation and letter were very slow, life was only enough to love one person, so beautiful, it reminds me of the life of my parents, how simple, comfortable, and joyful it was. Now the world is in a hurry, may there be light in your eyes and live as you like.   Hello everyone, I am PP from HC studio , today I am going to introduce the Sea of hearts, hope it can bring happiness to everyone! Wishing everyone a heart like a sea, gentle and powerful!
【Story Background】
  Nanhe, a "clown" selling picture books Sansu, a depressed child   ‘I don't need to be humble, and you don't have to be sensible’ ‘If you don't want to laugh, don't laugh. If you want to cry, cry out loud’ ‘At that time, there will be no need to please others anymore’  ——《Deep Sea》   As Nanhe said, "Sometimes the world looks gray and not as colorful as in your dreams, but even so, there must be some light waiting for you, even if it's just a few small moments. Video recommendation:

【Design Inspiration】
  The inspiration for the creation of the Sea of hearts comes from the movie "Deep Sea". The stem and bottom housing are made of deep sea blue, representing Nanhe, and the top cover is made of wave white, representing Sansu. The meeting of two colors is the beginning of redemption. Blue carries white, sailing in the unknown future, finding direction in continuous progress, gaining the courage and strength to face life, unlocking oneself, and stepping out of the haze.

【About Color Matching】
If the Roselle Switch has tried countless materials in pursuit of sound quality, then the Sea of hearts has tried countless color combinations in pursuit of deluxe color. After the completion of the Sea of hearts design, I am personally very satisfied because the high level color match. When it comes to the color blending, In one word, good things come with many trials. But for me, who is in the late stages of OCD, everything seems reasonable, next I' ll share my color matching experience below:
1、Color matching based on rendered images, due to the different screen resolutions of each phone, the color difference between the rendered image and the actual sample is too large, the sample color matched is nothing special. The first sample is declared NG!
2、After communicated with the factory repeatedly, we hope that the color of the base and stem can be darker, and the color of the top cover can be more solid. When the sample came out, it give me a eerie feeling at first glance. The original intention of the Sea of Hearts is to hope that everyone can find their own happiness, not to make people feel bad. The second sample declares NG!
3、After thinking of many ways and looking for different colors of key caps, I finally found a color that matches the rendered image and quickly sent it to the factory. The resulting color was, The base and stem did not achieve the desired deep sea blue effect, but the good news is that the top cover is relatively satisfactory, and we have temporarily finalized the version of the wave white on the top cover. The third color matching, I will temporarily call it half successful.
4、In order to find the deep-sea blue in our hearts, we constantly looked through the Pantone color book and immediately arranged for a sample after fixing the color. We don't know if it's because my color book version is too old, or if the factory's color book version is different from mine, resulting in a very ordinary blue color. The fourth color matching, NG!
5、There's not much time left, in order to find the right color more quickly , I decided to buy the latest Pantone color book. After finalizing the Deep Sea Blue, HMX was also incredibly awesome, giving up the original color matching technology, and seeking color matching support from a listed company. Finally, it presents the high-end color matching. Special thanks to all departments of HMX for their support and cooperation.

【Switch Feature】
1、RGB Light Effect   The sea of hearts project was began planning as early as March, we have been searching for suitable manufacturer matching solutions. After comparing numerous factories, we ultimately chose HMX's square hole top cover solution. For RGB enthusiasts, if they pursue the RGB lighting effect, they undoubtedly prefer fully transparent material, but this material will lose the meaning we want to express when creating sea of hearts. So we need to design a switch that is meaningful, can achieve sound quality performance, and also very friendly to RGB lighting. Therefore, we have chosen a mold with a rectangular hole cover. Directly below the hole is the lamp beads, which is 360°unobstructed. This will greatly reduce the impact of the switch on the lighting.   2、Hand feeling and sound quality performance   In addition to the RGB lighting effect, the top cover of the sea of hearts is made of Polyamide 12 elastomer, which is rich in elastomer properties, making the top cover softer and has higher low-temperature impact strength. When paired with classic POM material, it not only feels soft and smooth, but also achieves an extremely crisp sound performance, like Hokkaido stone sound, with a domineering yet concentrated and powerful sense of comfort.   3、Leaf Noise HC Studio has always been committed to solving players' pain points. We have learned that HMX's switch has some leaf noise, which has been troubling many players. So we visited the factory on site many times to explore solutions. After multiple communications and tests, HMX made some technical adjustments on the leaf area to better suppress leaf noise. There is no leaf noise when pressed on the front side, but slightly when pressed on the ear side, it disappears when pressed 50mm away. It has a lot of lubrication and can be used almost immediately for all OCD players.
  Stem:POM Top housing: PA12 Bottom housing:Nylon Total travel: 3.4mm Action trave :2.0mm Operation force : 37g Bottom force :45g  
【Sense of use】
  Smoothness:★★★★☆ Stability control:★★★★★ Lubrication effect:★★★★★ Leaf sound control:★★★★☆ Spring sound control:★★★★★ Sound concentration:★★★★★  
【Packaging Highlights】
  As the Roselle’s packaging was roast by some players, so we decided to work hard on the packaging this time, using sealed cans, colorful bubbles to fill, and design color boxes. The color box design is a combination of Eastern ink painting elements and Western Impressionist style, with flowing light and shadow colors, as if taking us into a colorful deep-sea world.   Thank you for all your supports, we will continue to work hard to bring high-quality creations for users.


These are gorgeous. Where can we get our hands on them?
Sep 18, 2023
storyboardtechThank you for your interested, It'll be released at 21st September in China and then October over seas.
Jan 5, 2024
HC-StudioHi there, Can I have the link to order your switches in bulk in China?
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