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Best sub $150 headphones?

Hello all! I've been looking for a pair of decent audiophile headphones on the lower end of the hundreds
The use of these headphones will vary, from playing lossless tracks, to Spotify (non-premium), to gaming. I'm not worried about a mic built in since it will mostly be used for music.
So far my research has brought me to the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X. A pair of open back around ear headphones for under $100. But could I do better?
All advice is appreciated.

You might like the Grado SR80e cans, I haven't experienced them but I've hardly heard any negative feedback about them.
They are super harsh, cannot listen for more than 30 minutes.
Sony MDR-7506. You can find them for under $100. Add some thick aftermarket ear pads for a more luxurious feel. They look like they were designed in the 80s (they were), but they have been a standard in professional circles for decades.
if gaming is part of the deal you are looking for, definitely look into open backs. Philips SHP9500 or Sennheiser HD598s is a good choice. Try to see if you can buy it 2nd hand, nothing wrong with that, just make sure you check it out fully before purchasing,. PLUS you can get a decent budget dac like a schiit modi 2 or fiio dac/amps depending on how much you used out of your budget to get the headphones. hope this helped
hi soul :) going to review the Philips soon too?
for sure
I currently run the Sennheiser HD 558. Whilst I can't say much regarding other sub $150 dollar headphones the Sennheiser HD 500 line in general is always a decent choice. But again I cannot say much for other brands sub $150. Kinda always been a sennheiser guy.
ath-adxxxX series, ugh. Save your money for something else.
Save your money for open back full-size headphones.
If you have an amp, I recommend the Fostex T20rp mkIII, it's the Open back version of the T50rp. They're on the upper edge of you budget, but they're totally worth it!
Get the PHILIPS SHP9500 and save 70$, well worth it and as a personal owner of the ad700's i personally love the philips more, if you need more information what the z reviews on the shp9500s
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Agreed. I have a pair of SHP9500 at work and I love them. Cheap, comfortable and sound excellent.
i know people hate when they here that there is really now 'better' but its all really what you prefer, btw the philips are the most comfortable thing youll put on your head for 200$
I think they are highly regarded for that price range you can't go wrong with the ad700x if sounds isolation isn't a problem open is the way to go.