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Shure se215 or Audio-Technica ATH-E40's

I want to buy a new pair of earphones. My choice has come down to the Audio-Technica ATH- E40's or Shure se215. What should I get? And if you have other recommendations can you please tell me. Thanks

The Vsonic GR07 37 Anniversary Edition sounds way better than both. I used to own the E40 and hear the SE215 often.
Quoting lachlan fit go for Shure but sound go for audio technica
Go and try the Westone w60 in a shop and none of these would matter.
I haven't tried the E40's, but I've tried the SE215's. My lord, the fit and sound isolation alone were almost enough for me to buy them. It's incredibly snug although a little cumbersome to put on because I wasn't used to it yet. They're quite bass heavy and in general, it's very muddy. This muddiness stopped me from buying it.
I agree with phoenixsong with the Philips Fidelio S2 recommendation. I felt there was a good balance of everything with them and I loooved them however one earbud stopped working after a few months.
I've heard both, and owned the e40 at one point in time. You can get better! I acquired the 1More 1M301 for abt USD$25 and the Philips Fidelio S2 for $37, both of which are far more balanced. The SE215's bass is a tad too strong- aggravated by its slightly loose nature. The e40 just sounds off.
Hello, Both of se215 and ATH-E40 are good Entry-level earphones. se215 has a better performance on bass. Its good at most of pop music. But if you like ACG, especially female voice parts, ATH-E40 is your better choice. Thanks