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Cycling community?

Any chance of a cycling community coming soon?
zografop, BikepackerTAS, and 39 others

MTB community please
I've seen one bike related item drop and I don't think it did very well. I bought it just because it was a bike oriented product, hoping it would help to get Massdrop on board with the cycling theme. I haven't seen anything since.
I've been talking about the idea through various means regularly over the last couple years. Seemingly it still isn't gaining any traction with the authorities though.
Sorry to rain on the parade, but I think a discussion I had with Jonas 6mo or so ago was the most promising thing I've seen on the subject but nothing has happened in the 6mo since.
I would also like to see a cycling community. Don't the bike commuters and urban/suburban cyclists.
+1 Yes Please!
As bicycling becomes more accepted as a legitimate form of transportation, there will be even more opportunities for an amazing Massdrop community! I commute by bike everyday, rain or shine, and there is always new gear that I want or need. Guess what? Without a car payment those high end gear purchases fit the budget easily! Come on Massdrop, be a leader in the market for the most green form of transportation, and the gear that goes with it!
The cycle community will cover all ages and limitless areas of interest.....Gear....Clothes...Tools...Cycles....Parts....Pet carriers...Do not sleep on this....It will make other communities seem tiny by comparison....Harocho...Thats Me
everyone loves to cycle.....up grade and gear up.....this will be huge....your biggest not sleep on this....pure fire once you start....Harry
This would be a great addition!
+1 for the Cycling Hub!
I tried to get something started with a saddle thing and posting to /r/bicycling a WHILE ago (like 3 years?) but I'd be very into that.
Cycling would be great! Could include road and mountain bike components and accessories. Frames, handlebars, grips, wheels, tires, tubes, helmets, clothes, etc.
I just came over to the hub to check on this topic! I would love a cycling community!! Tons of great smaller brands, lots of shiny high tech new gear, crossover with ultralight and outdoors...I need lots of new parts and tools! Also it's National Bike Month! Let's go Massdrop, make it happen!