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Should we have a Massdrop community for Hunting?

This would include items like; Compound bows, and their accessories such as sights, strings, arrow rests, arrows and arrow tips (Rifles and their accessories?). But other items such as knives , bags, binoculars and rangefinders to name a few!
Human Man, GramboPuffer, and 33 others

Slingshot drops would be awesome!
Yes, yes yes! bring in shooting targets, thermal scopes, tripods, stands...
YES! I would love a hunting community on here.
I'm not interested in rifles - and I don't think that would really work on Massdrop as there are a lot of legal stuff to consider + international buyers on here. But I am definitely all for hunting gear and accessories.
Most definitely! As a hunter I come here for the best deals on backpacking gear for hunting. And lots of other hunters I know do as well. So if you could offer trail cameras or other hunting specific items then they'd definitely sell!
I would follow a Hunting community, as well. I'm not a hunter, but am contemplating starting.
When you say Hunting, do you mean killing animals for fun?
Do you eat meat Ray? Wear leather?
No. And not a fan of the commercial meat industry either, but I can assure you, the poor bastards who have that particular job, don't derive any pleasure from it.
I would follow
Would follow!
I'd be very interested in this
Do it! Don't cave to pressure from the libturds! Actual firearms would require an FFL, and that would be a lot of headache for massdrop. But, selling parts and accessories that aren't garbage would be awesome!
This is a great idea! Firearms, Archery, hunting items, tactical items, firearms add-ons like scopes and cases. It is utterly unfathomable to me why some member would quit MassDrop altogether for having something as basic, as American, and as utilitarian and constitutionally protected as a firearm for sale on the site. Any purchases would have to conform to all Federal and State laws.
yes i would love it but i would hate to see others that left because of that.
That would be fantastic, but i dont know about firearms themselves, that could cause issues.
If hunting is in, I am leaving Massdrop!
Why? There's already lots of hunters on here myself included buying backpacking items for hunting. We also shop at REI, your local grocery stores, Amazon etc. So might as well boycott those as well. So why do you dislike us? I think if sat down and talked things over a cup of coffee we'd find we're not much different. We both deeply care about animals and conservation.
if guns come onto massdrop, count our family OUT.
binoculars yes, bows, etc. NO!
Hunting and optics would be a welcome and important community I and I'm sure many others wove very interested in participating in!
I would definitely follow a hunting community