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Travel headphones under 250?

Idk if this is the right place to post, but I`m hoping someone can help me find a pair of headphones for traveling under 250 bucks? I dont have all that much money to spend on headphones, and the only other pair I`ve gotten suggested elsewhere is the Sennheiser momentums. Do any of you have any other suggestions?

sony 1000x is on sale right now for 220
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Probably too late for the OP, but right now QC25s are $180 at amazon.
If you’re willing to consider IEMs instead of over-ear headphones, the 1More Quad Driver IEMs for $199 are simply stellar and sound way above their price range—like Senn 650 good. If you want to stick with over ear headphones, the Senn 598s are great—85%-90% of what you get with Senn 650 but way easier to drive. If you’re willing to spend a little more, can’t say enough about the Oppo PM-3. They’re $400. But Oppo sells them refurbished on their store sporadically for around $300. A friend and I both got ours that way. They appeared brand new and sound excellent for all genres. They’re super easy to drive, closed-backed, premium build, comfortable, and tuned close to neutral with a very slight U shape.
I use a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7's ($700 usd), they're excellent but pricey.. But they fold and are built like tanks. I couldn't find any other ones that fit my criteria so I saved up and bought them. Sorry if this isn't much help.
Sennheiser HD598cs (at amazon), they're the closed back version of the 598s. They don't fold, but they sound wonderful. But no noise canceling... Bose does that. Good Luck!
me too
When someone says "travel headphones" I think active noise canceling, and Bose makes the best ones. QC 20 is just in your budget, but they're in ears. QC 25 have better sound quality (imo), but they cost a bit more. These Sennheisers are great <200. Sony came out with a pair of truly wireless buds recently as well. Both the Sennheisers and the Sony's have decent noise cancelling
Vmoda Crossfade lp2. They are very under your budget.. In fact you can even buy a portable DaC like fiio x1. vmoda's built is military grade and case which will store all your player and headphones,, you will loveit..
I used IE80 for travel, headphones are too large for a traveler like me...
Beyerdynamics dt1350 and Sennheiser hd25s maybe? They both sound nice, look nice, and are built nicely.
(Okay maybe hd25s look too much like professional gear?)
You could check out the reviews of the on ear Thinksound On2 headphone ($200). I can not give you a recommendation based upon my personal experience, my headphones will arrive on Monday.
PS Massdrop price was $150 last time. You can sometimes get them for somewhat cheaper 10%-15% off the $200 price.
Plantronics backbeat pro 2.
if travel means on airplane - then you are best suited by active noise canceling headphones. Bose or Sony have very good models. I traveled with some cheap Monoprice 8323 headphones with HM5 earpads which provided reasonable isolation and I was not afraid to lose or destroy them. Some airports have headphone booths now - try the headphones yourself.
I currently have a pair of b&o h6 headphones I use out and about I think they are really good might be worth a look.