Dec 9, 2018

Anybody interested in a nvidia 20xx series card drop?

Lately my old 1060 struggles with newer games on high resolution, so I came to the point where I'm thinking about getting a 2070/2080/2080ti. Which one is the fastest for the lowest price ?

RTX has been a major disappointment so far. I would avoid paying even HALF as much for those cards like the plague. I was lucky to get a 1080 Ti when I did, because for now I wouldn't even bother until something new shows up.
2080ti is awful value right now. I'm usually willing to spend a little more to get the cutting edge, but in this case you probably want a 1080ti.
count me in
Completely underwhelmed by the 2000-series offerings tbh. I scored a decent deal on a refurbished 1080 Ti for Black Friday and it does everything I need it to at the moment (1080p TV). My next purchase will be a 4K G-Sync monitor and a 1440p 144hz+ monitor to take advantage of it even more.
I'd honestly wait for Navi or take a Vega/Gtx 1070ti/1080/1080ti, even a used one, remember that 1080 is equal to a 2070 and a 1080ti is equal to 2080, 2080ti is far too expensive and for sure has not a good value
Not to mention that taking advantage of the flagship technology that's been so adamantly advertised kills performance. Real time ray tracing does extremely little to aid visuals in a game while knocking fps performance below half, at least from benchmarks we've seen so far.
Real Time ray tracing is still a tech in development, of course I don't think that anybody should buy one of this cards for Ray tracing, I mean 1200 dollars or Euros for 1080p 60fps is just not worth