Dec 24, 2018

How To Ask For Advice On Gear

It's awesome that Massdrop has forum section where people can discuss their interests. In the audiophile one in particular, talking about gear, asking for help, and giving recommendations is something that I see is done a lot. I personally love this; we're all in this hobby together, whether you're a newbie or a veteran, whether you're stretching to scrape together $100 for your next purchase or able to drop several grand. For those perusing the audiophile forums for advice on gear, I do hope you'll find your answers here. However, there are things you can do to help us out so that we can give you the best recommendation! Granted, all of us have our opinions, but by following the steps below, you give us the most information to work with, meaning you'll get response better-tailored to help YOU!
  1. Be specific: Don't just throw out a post like "What's the best headphone?" Telling us things like your budget, your previous experiences with different gear (if you're new mention that you're new!), your preferred sound signature, your current setup, etc. will help us be able to guide you. For example, if you don't like Sennheiser and don't mention so, then don't be surprised when some people recommend Sennheiser.
  2. Be open-minded: If some advice sounds like snake oil to you, then by all means, consider it snake oil. But most of us here giving advice aren't here to maliciously make you try to buy into audio voodoo. The well-informed members of the community are here participating in the forums to help others have the best experience they can. If a recommendation isn't to your liking, kindly just let us know.
  3. Don't expect a 100% correct answer: The biggest mistake I see people make is buying gear based solely on the recommendation (or recommendations) of other people (this includes well-known reviewers!). It's nice to see that people are willing to give gear a shot based on others' positive experiences, but remember; you are the one who is going to spend the money, and you may very well hear things very, VERY differently from others! Go out and audition gear if possible: use your local hifi stores, other friends, or trade shows. If this is not possible in your area, see if you can't buy from a place that has a good return policy. It's not possible for us to hear like you; we are all just doing our best to help make your next purchasing decision one that you'll enjoy for the foreseeable future.
To those of you who have been actively participating here on the Massdrop forums, hats off to you. I hope that one day the audiophile forums here will be considered a good, friendly place for people of all audio backgrounds to ask and receive advice.
Duncan, billy.connolly, and 2 others

Missing a big one which is budget. When you ask for the very best, sometimes the very best product will not be in your budget. Example: Best budget amp within $100 that can drive HE-6 Bruhh...
Please read through point #1 again
Right my bad, I read "be specific" and some examples afterwards. Reading is hard.