Dec 29, 20182081 views

Headphones around 150€ (172$)

Hello everybody! I´m new in this platform and I´m looking for a piece of advice about good closedback headphones around 150€ (around 172$). I´m european (as you can imagine because of the currrency I wrote). I actually have a Senheiser HD579, but I´m looking for something funnier and closedback, with more punch in the bass section (not for baseheads but with a powerfull sound). I have been looking some reviews about the Audiotechnica m50x, Bose QC 25 and V-Moda LP2 but I´m not sure about them. If you give me some models It would be a great help for me. Thanks.

Closed back, with your budget, decent bass and a fun listen. I can't think of anything. I know Beyerdynamic makes some closed / semi-closed but I don't know about their sound signature.