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Amp for Elex headphones

Just purchased the Elex, can't wait for them to arrive. Current cans are Sennheiser HD580's, using a Music Hall PH25 2.5 to drive them, will this amp match up OK with the Elex's?

You should be fine with the amp; what do you use as a source? You are in for some fun.
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Your Sony should be able to play any physical media you have. With the exception of vinyl, go with digital media here on out. Get a software player such as Audivarna and get some of your fav from places such as Acoustic Sounds. Here is the crunch, you will need (want) an external DAC. Can you wait/save for the Airist/MD R-2R, for when it comes back up, perhaps May? The MD R-2R should pair nicely with the Music Hall and Elex’s. A quality streaming service like Tidal should be on your to-do list. CD quality,, and lets you explore,, a lot...:) then you can decide which you still want to get, the even higher quality FLAC/DSD files of. FYI the Dekoni velour pads, headband pad from Senn, and flat foam replacements can fix up an old pair of HD580’s real nice. Just add in a fine cable like a and they can sing a new song...;) A helpful reference:
Will look into your suggestions, thanks so much for this info! Already have replacement pads & head band on order for the 580's, just love how comfortable they are. I am a music lover & can't wait to experience good quality listening! Just got the Play station to go through a Pioneer receiver then through the amp, that has upgraded the quality some. It seems that I still have a lot to learn on Hi Fi listening.