Looking for semi-open headphone

I really loved the seinheiser 6xx open-back for $200. They were my favorite & the cups were so comfortable. The issue is they are completely open-back & I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend. I game a lot so she could constantly hear everything & she watches TV in the same room as me. I loved the sound quality of open-back but can't have the background noise. Is there a good compromise of a semi-open mic within $200-400 price range that's comparable? I am not looking to mix music, just great audio-quality for music listening + gaming.

I am quite biased towards the dt 880, properly driven they sound awesome ( i can only speak for the one i own with is a 600 ohm model). But in your case you might be looking for a closed back option instead
Jan 3, 2019
Get the DT 880'S around 250$ semi open back. But if you can get the closed back's then Id suggest the dt 770 or m50xs both cost around 120$.
Jan 2, 2019
Tell her to suck it up and just enjoy your sophisticated, ecclectic, and impeccable taste in games/music. Jokes aside, I see very few semi-open headdphones nowadays. Not to discourage you or anything; just be open-minded in the sense that you may get what you're looking for in a closed-back. What people suggested here before me are good headphones, but keep in mind their sound signatures are quite different than the HD 6XX and you might find that to be detrimental to your enjoyment. If you want to retain the sound I recommend the Sennheiser HD 599. It's marketed as open but really it's more semi-open than anything, and it'll be similar to the HD 6XX. Otherwise, other than the ones already recommended, you can try Shure, Audio Technica, and the Meze Audio 99. Best of luck to your search, and see if you can audition before buying.
Jan 7, 2019
I’ll second the recommendation for the HD 599, and raise you with a recommendation for the Sennheiser PC37X. Very similar to each other, very good but ultimately a step below the HD 6XX or HD 58X Jubilee, they still leak sound but less so than the fully open headphones. AKG K7XX and Fostex TH-X00 are both technically classified as semi-open headphones too, though the Fostex will leak a bit less. @Strafe81 , I think you made a typo writing “Semi-Open Mic,” but it raises the good point that even with fully sealed headphones your girlfriend will still hear you taking into a mic. Just something to keep in mind.
Jan 1, 2019
What kind of music do you listen to?
Jan 1, 2019
I have the Fostex TR-X00, its ~500$ all said and done so its out of your range by 25%, but the reproduction is optimal IMO for hip hop. The sub-bass reproduction will sound like a good subwoofer is banging. These headphones also do not slap bass on everything. The TR-X00 is quite versatile, and will not leak too much into your room, and will also block enough as well. I think the Fidelio L2's are great all - around and its highly portable as well. I snagged these ~125$. Their sub-bass won't compare to the TR-X00 but it's a fraction of the cost. If you're open to IEMs, I think the FH5 or DM6 will be a good call for you - it will not leak and will block out sound very well. FH5 is better for bass reproduction (still very good all around), but the DM6 is better for fidelity and natural sounds like rock, classical, acoustics. I don't listen to Hip Hop with DM6, I will switch to the FH5 for that. FH5 is my go -to for my subway commute because it handles every genre well, especially edm and hip hop. DM6 is definitely more for serious listening.
Jan 2, 2019
Check the T60RP.
I think Beyerdynamic makes some semi open headphones