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Hd58X Vs. 6XX

I just recently got some Koss KSC75X’s and have really enjoyed the sound signature of them so much I’ve decided to return my Sivga SV007’s and 3’s. I’ll have about $170 to spend so here’s my main question: just go ahead and get the Hd58X or save up a little bit more money for the Hd6XX? I’ve heard great things about both headphones and really don’t know which one I should decoy on getting. Thanks

The 6XX has the trade mark Sennheiser veil, that smooths over a lot of imperfections, it's a catch all unoffensive sound signature, and has a narrow sound stage for an open back. It has a pretty muted bass response, and poor sub bass extension with roll off starting at around 80hz. I'd audition the 6XX/650 before buying it, I found I preferred the 58X, but wasn't a huge fan of Sennheisers house sound.
HD 58x is more fun imo. It has a lot more bass than the 6xx will have although the 6xx from what I heard do have more potential with being colored through tube amps. A decent pair of tube amps can cost something like around $300 so... It's mostly up to you. Solid state amps that are transparent(neutral) won't really do much for your 6xx if you are not a fan of the sound signature. I haven't heard much about yours but i doubt it would make a huge enough difference.
The HD6XX has better transients and a smoother treble. It also scales very well with better gear and is capable of revealing nuances between different amps and DACs. Requires a good amp to sound its best. The HD58X is a little more grainy in the treble, but has slightly better bass extension. Doesn't scale as well as the HD6XX. Not as good of a pairing with high output impedance amps (like OTL tubes). Doesn't require as much of an amp to sound great. Both are very good headphones.
I have a FiiO Q1 Mk2. Would that scale good enough with the 6XX?
It would drive it okay. What I mean by "scaling" is that if/when you decide to upgrade your other gear, the HD6XX will both let you know about it, and if the synergy works the sound will actually improve.
Do you have an amp or DAC?
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Yeah, I really do like the amount of bass on the Koss. I originally had a pair of Sennheiser hd559’s but the bass didn’t really cut it for me. Thanks!
No problem. Welcome to Massdrop and enjoy your first endorsement!