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What is the best Dac/Amp for the sony wh-1000xm2 under 100$

I connected my sonys to my pc with the included cable which sounded worse than my HyperX alphas when connected to my pc but the sonys sound much better when they are in bluethooth mode than the HyperXs connected to my pc.
McName and rastus

I am listening just now with cable and nc active. Dac/amp is ifi black nano and they sound really better that when BT. Source is iPhone SE with CCK + Tidal.
When you plug it in with the 3.5mm you basically lose all it's dsp features. Sounds counter intuitive but it'll sound better when you connect it via bluetooth. Getting an amp/dac won't help you.
Thank you
When the Sony's are connected to the PC with the cable/hard-wired, are they turned "on" = noise-cancelling active, or are your running them in passive/off?
Hard wired and turned on
Try off, no noise canceling.