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2nd set of headphones to compliment DT880s

Looking for a second set of headphones to compliment my Beyer DT880s. I am relatively new to the audiophile world and have really been enjoying my DT880 250 ohm, with my Schiit Vali/Modi stack. I really like the sound that I have, but want to continue experimenting. I'm looking at a budget of $200, so that would include the 58x, 6xx, HE4xx, and the K7xx, but I'm open to other suggestions. I listen to a wide range of music, but mostly acoustic and indie. Bands like Manchester Orchestra, SYML, Elias... What would pair with my Vali and give me a different sound. Thanks

Tony: in this context, it's "complement" and "complementary," in the sense that other HFs will add to or complete your kit. The double e's in complement are a handy way to remember the correct usage.
Took your advice and just placed my order for the HD6xx. Between your advice and the countless great reviews they have received, I'm really excited to get them and add them to my collection.
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Thanks, I saw that in other reviews as well. I was looking for something with a different sound from my DT880s. Just starting to get into this and thought the HD650 would give me a good complimentary sound. Plus, so many reviews out there use the HD650 as a reference point. I'm sure I will continue to experiment and add to my collection over time.
A lot of people like the sound, but don't accept it as a reference, or feel like something's wrong if you don't enjoy it. They are a very over hyped headphone, which isn't to say they're bad. The good news is that they sell well used if you're not a fan!
I own the 880, 6XX, and 4XX, and have heard the 7XX. The 6XX and the 4XX would provide the biggest difference in sound signature. But with your preferred genres and your stack, I'd say the 6XX is your best bet. Between the two, you'll have a really nice sense of two contrasting, well-done sound signatures.
Thanks, appreciate the thoughts. Have you had any QC issues with your 4xx?
It developed a weird crease in the cover on the headband, but aside from that, it's been solid