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Best Budget (<100USD) USB dac for PC

Hi ! I'm looking for a decent replacement for my existing soundcard (Asus Xonar DX). I play music from Amazon music and my FLAC collection. Amp is Yamaha AS-500. Speakers are Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 and TABAQ TL (DIY). I also use headphones and IEMS. And yeas, my amp has headphone out. I like a bright sound signature. Don't like mellow and dark sounding DACs or amps. I was initially looking at Topping D10 but I was told that its not "good enough". So, please let me know your suggestion ! Thanks !! Sidenote: The customs duty. I'm told that DHL is the courier partner of Massdrop and my country's (India) customs department have some majour beef with them. Most of the massdrops have been taxed heavily. I really hope that they can send using "normal" couriers like state run post office services (like China Post, Hong Kong Post etc) to avoid it.

The D10 has great performance, especially for the price. whoever told you it isn't good enough is not correct. But the Khadas tone board measures even better for $99 shipped
I have heard a lot of good things about their dac but I was not sure I could use them as "standalone". Thanks for the suggestion !
It would be interesting if someone can compare the Grace DAC vs the Khadas tone board.