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Allo DigiOne Player

Is there any interest in the Allo DigiOne Player? It's the ready built version of a well reviewed Raspberry Pi based S/PDIF out network audio player (Pi 3 B+, DigiOne board, case, preloaded SD card, power supply all included and assembled). Add it to your network and hook it up to an S/PDIF capable DAC (coaxial RCA or BNC only, no Toslink), and it will function as a uPnP/DLNA audio renderer (can stream Tidal to it, for instance). I had been thinking about building a Pi/HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro, and at least with the parts I was looking at, it wouldn't be much more to buy the Allo built and ready to run (and the reviews I've seen rate the Allo better). Clear acrylic case:
Black acrylic case:
Aluminum case ($40 upcharge):

jaxtrauma and DrumBoy

...especially the DigiOne Signature version.
Definite interest from me!
The Allo is limited by its os, especially for Roon. I’d love to see a nicer Pi based thing with a clean hat, running Ropiee, which is flawless and turnkey. I’ve built a few myself — but I am sure a good industrial unit can package the whole thing in an attractive case. A perfect opportunity for Drop.
I bought the standard version and it works great. Given the rest of my system (Modi MB, Vali 2, Yamaha AVR, Pioneer/Andrew Jones speakers) I didn't think the extra expense of the Signature version was justified.
I agree with Hans on the preference for an enhanced version of the Digi One Signature with a better solution for the linear power supply than the battery pack from Alo; however, not so expensive that the power supply defeats the purpose of an inexpensive, but high quality network audio streamer.
There is an Allo DigiOne Signature, which seems to be a better option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgkukJLIolw