Massdrop Genius Idea. Excellent company.

Thanking Massdrop for being an excellent company. To anyone thinking of buying on Massdrop dont hesitate. I recently enterd a drop for a set of Tin audio T2's, great IEM's but I really wanted a pair of DGVP DMG's. Long story short after a simple email enquiring about cancelling an already paid for item, one of the help centers staff Hillary L wrote back, just hours after contacting Massdrop, no problem! Refunded me the full amount, no quetions asked, so I could enter the Drop for the DMG's . I know this might not seam a big deal, but in this day and age of greedy corporations its refreshing to see a company go the extra mill to help out a customer in this way. Everything about this company and its ideas from cash bonus for inviting and sharing to friends, the truly amazing discounts to be had on all kinds of stuff, I mean Propper savings! The vote a product idea. Chat forum etc etc. Im sure you can guess Im new to Massdrop but what a excellent genius idea. I just hope they stsy great. Its a brilliant way to get things you want cheep. Even the shipping rates are amazing. Forget about Ebay, Amazon, lazada, alli express etc. With there rip off fakes and exorbitant shipping costs. The potential for Massdrop is endless.. I just wanted to put this feeling out there, I'm sure many of you will agree, at last a company who genuinly cares and who just dose it right and gives people what they want no fuss no nonsense. Love it. Massdrop please stay great.
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You drank the kool-aid. Jk I love Massdrop too. Enjoy your first endorsement.