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Msr7b vs Hd58x

Hello guys I would like to know how this two compare I got the msr7 the first one and send it back because, I liked it but wasnt completely sure. You have to know I didnt really burn them in so..Now i saw that there was the second version and Im intrigued deciding between this two( at the moment I dont got an amp so thats important to know, but will likely get one in the future)(they are my first hifi headphones) would like to know your neutral opinions. also open for other options between (200- 300)

You definately want an amp for any headphones with a higher impedance that requires power and pc's, cellpphones, or mp3 players wontpush potential of the headphones becuase its higher impedance. Recommend the the Schiit stack for starters the magi and modi dac and amp.
I have the HD598 and the HD6XX with balanced custom cable and use it with my Schiit Jotenheim dac/amp combo for home listening. Also use the MSR7b with 4.4m balanced with my Fiio X7 Mark II Dap high res player on the go.
Two different completely headphones and if you want to hear all the instruments and a wider open soundstage, then HD58X is your go and then again those headphones are open back used for home listening and paired to a headphone amp. Msr7b is closed back and better for on go and private listening, little bright on the treble but awesome mids and decent bass.
Thanks for the reply, Should have given more information but however I did already get the hd58x and I,m currently without amp because I didnt had the money but what could I say they just defenitely have better voice tonality than the msr7 ( didnt try the msr7b) by the way did they improve on Bass? The treble was clearly brighter on them and I did kind of like it but the hd58x is a more complete sound for me. Which portable amp/dac would you recommend ? What about the fiio q2 or the soundblaster e5 ?
I normally wouldn't recommend the Audio Technica MSR7 to someone new, but if you've tried them before and like them...well they could be a good choice. However, I'd really recommend getting at least an amp. Plenty of good options exist at the $100 price point, so an HD58X + Amp would set you back $250 plus tax and give you a good setup. Granted, if it turns out you don't like the Sennheiser sound then the MSR7b could be a better choice, but I do believe that the Sennheiser does a good job of being a good reference set of headphones that has a sound signature that works with a variety of genres.
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HD58X, no contest. However, this is unfair to the MSR7 because I'm somewhat treble sensitive. The DT880 has the traditional Beyerdynamic sparkle and V-shape signature (aka I find it piercing with some recordings). I honestly think the mids are just a bit too sucked out on most Beyerdynamic headphones I've tried. Vocals tend to be very recessed and sound far away. However, I admit my fault is liking mid-centric headphones with recessed treble (a dark/warm tilt if you want to call it that).
Okey thanks you helped me a lot, i like the bright, but i think i will finally get the 58x cause it looks like its gonna be more fun to listen to. Also it id cheaper so I can get an amp and in the future only upgrade the headphone, again thanks a lot