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Any Ideas On Making My Setup Look Better?


I want to make my setup look better. I don't have too much money so it gotta be cheap
gorian2222 and KM1337

Center the shelves and the monitors. The bare wall on the right seems like it needs something. I also agree about some rgb led strips. I would put them on the back of your monitor. For some extra flare you could undermount some led strips on your desk to light up the area below. Cable management is pretty good but you could conceal the cables from your second monitor with some self-adhesive cable clips behind your monitors and run everything down the middle behind the main monitor.
Remove rock lamp and put $10 LED strip behind your monitors and it comes with a Remote to change the color or brightness . It's amazing how one little light can change your mood or vibe of the room. And it's not shining bright in your face, it's just reflecting off the wall so it's illuminates more than you'd think. Just an idea, I recently did it and it's depending on my mood or time of day I can switch up colors.
a simple led strip on the back of desk,move the light to the left side it draws to much focus to it in the corner plus would help light the shelves.Clean setup though. Of course a double mount monitor stand is always nice and really cleans up things.
Haha, I completely didn't even see your comment. Now I feel dumb for suggesting a "new" idea lol. Great minds think alike. 👊
Needs more RGB / ambient RGB lighting. Nice clean setup, wish my desk could look that organized!