Incoming college freshman

Hey everyone, looking for some new headphones (around ear) that deliver good sound quality and very good isolation, to the point where it's pretty much noise cancelling. I was looking at the Bose QC35s (this price point is the max I'll go), but every time I mention them to an audiophile I get laughed at. What, in your opinion, is the best headphone for studying? Keep in mind I'll also be using it for commerce and the gym, so if it has a wireless option, that's an extreme plus, but not a necessity. Thanks a lot.

Sony MDR1000X... they list for 400 but have often been in the 330 to 350 range. I've recently picked them up and as someone who never liked the Bose Sound and was highly skeptical of a bluetooth NC headphone sounding good, I am Extremely pleased. The NC is fantastic (I would put it on par with the Bose I've tested). I also love the feature where you can cup your hand over the right side and it turns on the exterior mic's while quieting the music. I own more than 20 pairs of headphones from $11 to $1400 and these really are solid from a sound quality perspective. I don't see how you can go wrong with this option. If you move quickly they've been on Amazon for 328.00 for the last couple weeks.
Jun 21, 2017
philip L2, vmoda m100, audio tech m40x. all under $200. all sound better than the qc25. I have all of them. all closed back. rank in term of fidelity L2 under $100 most of the time M100 under $200 M40x under $100
Jun 21, 2017
I remember when I was a freshman, haha. QC35 is $350 usd. so I would go with meze 99neo (249 usd) or 99 classic (309 usd). That is only if you want around the ear.
here is the review. And there is also a demo in the description.
right now, audeze has some incredible summer deal according to my comments on youtube, I would definitely recommend the sine, if you dont mind on-ear.
Another option is m40x, not 50x, but I dont have a review up for that yet.
hope this helped in your audio journey