Mech Key Users, what's your profession?

I'm just curious in which profession people will most likely to use a mechanical keyboard.

Jun 13, 2021
Software developer.
Dec 24, 2020
I’m a therapist... I do a decent amount of documentation. But I also game with my keyboard.
Dec 23, 2020
Programmer armed with a Planck/Aqua Zilents with several macro'd keys to do pairs of symbols, etc. I love when folks stop and ask about the "missing" keys and I can explain that not only are they all there, but I actually have more keys than they do :)
Oct 5, 2017
I'm a lawyer. I do my drafting on a Happy Hacking Professional 2.
Those Topre keys are a joy, and they help me push through when I'm dealing with difficult legal opinions or written arguments.
Also, the space-saving layout is genius. The tiny footprint of the HHKB2 frees up significant desk real estate for all the printed documents and books I need to cross-reference. I got used to the function layer after just a couple of days, and since I don't often have to do a lot of numerical data entry, I don't really miss the number pad.
Special mention to the Ctrl key being moved to where Caps Lock normally sits - this makes so much sense when doing a lot of formatting in Microsoft Word.
Only downside - the Topre keys are quite audible and distracting in a courtroom (though quiet enough for the office).
*in a court room* THOCK THOCK THOCK THOCK
Nov 14, 2019
These days I only bring it for hearings where I know the judge's typing is going to be louder than mine.
Oct 5, 2017
I'm a app manager in validated manufacturing, and an avid gamer. For my work 'pooter I prefer my 104 ansi WASD with cherry greens. I have a couple different keebs in my home office and keep a pok3r w/ cherry browns on my gaming rig, and a RK61 with Kailh blues for my powerbook. Ive also built a cheap gh60 with gat blues.
So far I definitely like the gat blues over the Kailh's as I find them a bit lighter and crisper. I have an SA profile on my browns and as I like them for gaming, I tend to make more typing mistakes than on my work comp with the greens (cherry profile.) I'm planning my next build presently and am going with a TKL, gat blues, and a DSA cap profile.
Oct 4, 2017
I'm a student currently studying for GCSE's my options were geography, history, triple science and computer science, have owned four separate corsair k70RGB's one of which I still have ( I bought it refurbished as it saved me £60 but the first one had several defective keys, the second had defective RGB and a squeaky k key the third had a non functional o key on delivery and the fourth seems to be ok though I only just received it. I have also replaced the key caps with a vortex 126key ptb set I needed the extra keys to account for the k 70's non standard layout and it being a UK iso keyboard. This worked pretty well although I couldnt find a left shift the right size, so I had to use a spare control key. I have also recently purchased GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets to replace the 1.5mm 70a o rings it is currently equipped with. from massdrop which saved me paying the usual insane prices anything to do with mechanical keyboards involves, but means that I will recieve them in mid December (come on massdrop)
Oct 3, 2017
Currently a student studying to be a nurse. Used to be a host at a restaurant. Gamer at heart. I own a Pok3r III and Corsair RGB K70
Oct 3, 2017
Technical Illustrator/3D animator. I have a collection of ErgoDox keyboards that I use at home and the office. All those layers come in handy when switching many applications throughout the development pipeline. I'm actually hoping to get out of my current job and into the game industry. I'm a 3D modeler at heart <3
Sep 28, 2017
Scuba instructor / vineyard manager; no idea how I ended up here, my degree is in cognitive psych, my plan was to create the first true AI. I remember some dancing, loud noises, feeling very high, then there were people talking; nek minit, I've got kids and bills... the fuck happened?
Audio Engineer / IT / Network Engineer
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