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$ 1500 worth of giveaways !

please take time to read why we are doing this in the description below !
1st place: shanling m1 + Meze 99neo
2nd ~ 5th place: shanling m1 + ve monk plus

Thujan, Avi.S, and 28 others

Hey. Done. Waiting for my email saying that I wan. :S
today is the last day for this giveaway !
only few days left till the end of the giveaway ! let your friends, family, pets, neighbors know !
I will be heading over to lily from xlo for the SD cards with marina's files converted to DSD. thank you lawrence and lily for the trouble of converting and oversampling these files ! SO this means the shanling m1s will have 5 of marinas music in DSD not 24 bit (which is what I said initially in the video) !
Love your vlog, good idea for the contest. :)
reminder. please do read why we are doing this huge giveaway, it is very important for every individual entering to know "why"
done. i wish i win
I must be missing something. I don't see a description or a link. I only see the YouTube video (4:24).
you need to go the actual video and there will be a description
might buy the shanling m2s because of your review if I dont win hehe
Awesome GAW and a great way to promote Marina!
As a man with no sort of mainstream or any social media I feel I am not being given a fair chance to win. What's up with that. I don't even know what discord is.
I apologize if you see this as unfair but we are doing this giveaway to support and connect with artists and audiophile alike. unfortunately social media is a big part of it in this century. Maybe consider making some accounts today? of course it is up to you and we do apologize if you felt excluded.
I think the reason for the giveaway is more appealing than the actual giveaway XD good job soulsik
also I would appreciate it if you guys comment here with what you thought of a collab like this and future collab/giveaway ideas !
This is an awesome idea. It provides a purpose to the giveaway. I appreciate music quality so much! This is going to be beneficial for those just entering the audio world. Now, with the combo of these free songs to compliment the giveaway is going to be great! I have entered to support your cause of the giveaway. Well done.
Awesome ! entered !
I subscribed to your channel... Anyways, seems like you are a very dedicated Reviewer, which is nice to see.
thank you ! You also joined my discord i believe. hope we get to talk soon !
how do we enter a submission to win?
link in the description !
sorry,description wasn't showing at first
SOULSIK is awesome. check him out on discord! he's very active with answering questions and talking to all the members!
thanks buddy. means alot
That's amazing...