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Why my opinion on this site has changed

I apologize for any jimmies that may be rustled by this post, but I feel like this needs some attention. I used to LOVE Massdrop when I first got into the hobby of mechanical keyboards. I always wanted these fancy GMK and SA keycap sets and Massdrop seemed like the best place to get them, all other group buys are usually ran by a single person, seemed a lot less reliable to me at the time.
My opinion has pretty much pulled a complete 180 at this point. I used to defend MD as much as I possibly could, I figured people were just complaining cause they didn't understand MD isn't the actual manufacturer of these high-end keycap sets or custom keyboards and people didn't want to wait. Now I realize that while there are still (and will always be) people who complain about this, Massdrop needs some SERIOUS customer service improvement.
Here's the reddit post & linked imgur album that caused me to want to write up this post in the first place (this is not me):
I have only had ONE negative experience with Massdrop so far, and that was with the Yanbo's closet miscounted inventory fiasco. I understand it was an honest mistake, I was grateful to even get a chance at anything during that event. I did get over it. I'm still ordering stuff from here (exclusives only, nothing else is worth it anymore IMO), but whenever I think about it, it's the cookie-cutter customer service response that really upset me back at that time.
What happened to the OP of this reddit post is WAY worse, and I can't even imagine how I would feel reading that bullshit response after that happened to me. I understand the security issue, but they really couldn't contact them beforehand? Or do anything to ensure he could still PAY for the item that he won't have another chance at for WHO KNOWS how long?
To me, this makes it seem like Massdrop truly doesn't care about their customers. Nothing is more disrespectful to me. They get more flak than they deserve for things that actually aren't their fault, but their customer service needs some serious work.

Jan 30, 2020
So far my first purchase from these clowns has been a bust. Thank God for PayPal. Don't buy anything without them.
Nov 28, 2018
Ordered an automatic Seiko watch and couldn't get it to run. Took it to a jeweler thinking I was doing something wrong and after they couldn't get it to run, they informed me it was obviously defective. No help from massdrop customer service and, of course, no manufacturer warranty. Hard lesson learned. Could have bought the same watch from another site for a little less with a full manufacturer warranty.
Aug 17, 2018
I just dislike how you can spend 100's of bucks on of say headphone models that are only available on Massdrop (Because they were specifically designed for massdrop) and not have anywhere to test to see if you actually like the sound. Typically with most stores, you buy and return if you don't like the sound, here however it's basically 100% risk.
Yeah, I got burned by just assuming that it was a normal company with normal polices (I literally never heard of Massdrop 2 weeks ago, just saw a sale and went for it...oddly enough I checked ebay's return policy on the item I was going to buy thinking they would not have one...but they do, go figure an auction house has a 30 day window on products that are actually testable in stores).
I chose these becasue of the time limit and I attempted to read/watch as many reviews as possible, figured if worse was to worse I would return. RIP me. Also, I'll probably never shop here again so hooray to that. Too big of a risk, even if they are decent deals and unique items.
Aug 2, 2017
I read a few comments. Checked the link. All I see are the typical pitch fork reactions that Reddit has become. Stuff happens and so far in my time and interaction with MD, I've never had an issue. Doesn't mean others don't.
Just saying Reddit in general is a horrible place to get an opinion on literally any company. People like to hate without information.
Jan 30, 2020
BrainFlushThen why does Drop ship shit that doesn't work like it sez and not back it up? Rotten shit by a Liz Holmes impersonator.
Jul 23, 2017
Massdrop costs more for canadians. Also they send camera equipment that faces %300 custom fees so never buy camera lenses from this site or youll be sorely dissapointed by the taxes. In fact never shop on mass drop. You can get anything here on amazon or alibaba for less.
Jul 22, 2017
Shits happan all the time...
Jul 21, 2017
I haven't had any problems with MD. I've found-out that it's worth a few dollars more to get things next week instead of next year. I'm only buying one-of-a-kind items (SA Carbon) now, and I certainly wouldn't recommend MD with this many complaints on r/mechanicalkeyboards.
Jul 20, 2017
There are a ton of comments on here that reference things that are out of Massdrop's control.
~ Vendor lead times: not MD ~ Defective product: not entirely MD*** (they're small so chances are Vendor has almost no incentive to do anything about it. Might take months to get them to budge, then months to get a replacement.) ~ Negotiating God-tier prices: 30% MD, 70% not MD (This is why they hide prices for previous drops. Prices change all the time from vendors. They can't guarantee the same price twice. That's just how vendors work.)
~ ***QC: MD can add people for, but will increase lead times (by A LOT for diy kits) and cost a lot in payroll (MD doesn't make as much as some of you seem to think off of these drops. If they made more they'd have more than 51-200 employees [via LinkedIn] I can guarantee you that.) ~ Choice of Vendor: MD (if they drop a vendor, are you going to complain about not offering enough???) ~ Communication: MD (back to payroll)
What it increasingly sounds like is - if MD's customer base is growing: the number of people working for MD has not scaled with the number of people who want to buy on MD. -Or- if use is declining: it is.
This isn't Amazon and they can't replicate that experience by any stretch of the imagination. Nor should they. "The customer is always right" is a luxury of big companies. For small companies, the customer is only as right as the ability to help them (back to margins/payroll) coupled with their understanding of the business (which seems a bit iffy for some by some of these comments)
Feb 28, 2020
sweatGRENADEBut they are definitelly leaning towards "we are right" and customer be very very annoying to get something as drop (and their company friends) do their mistake. And I see that both drop and companies they get items from vines a lot and try to avoid customers unless they almost do strike, than something happens and still not very sincerelly as other much smaller shops have better attidute tpwards customer. I had one not good order, but customer support was really annoying. For them to feel happy: I like their packaging though
Jul 20, 2017
Since starting myself, I've brought over a dozen paying customers to MassDrop, all but one of them have spent far more money than I have. I will halt this activity until I see something positive come from MassDrop. Not sure if I'll continue to buy anymore. I've not seen the best deals as of late, either.
I'm disappointed. To the people claiming mistakes are made and whatnot, it was no mistake that they tried pawning her off after for a shoddy $20 coupon - after they removed her opportunity to join the drop.
In an Amazon setting, that might be a more appropriate response, but I've seen drops that go for over 24w before reappearing again. And yes, I too try to be lenient with how I react to MassDrop, but this is ridiculous. The repeated emails get embarrassing. I started asking myself "This is a company that runs distro group buys for profit?! Fulfillment IS THEIR BUSINESS. They have ONE service."
They should have purchased the damned thing for her regular price and gave it to her for the advertised price they already sealed the deal for. A contract was proposed and accepted.

___________________ UPDATE / EDIT ___________________ I've seen the responses to the thread in reddit. I will resume purchases again.
It's concerning that the reddit thread was necessary for action. How does oversight on one of MassDrops's employees (meaning not a vendors fault) go so unchecked?
Jul 20, 2017
So my first order here was the Massdrop x K Bares Miami Dolch DSA Keycap Set. This singlehandedly made me buy my first mechanical keyboard, and instantly made me a fan of Massdrop. Then I had to work 2 days back to back night and morning shift, so I didn't check my e-mail, till the night of the next day when i woke up, and saw an e-mail from massdrop saying there was a problem with my order and i had 24 hours to fix it. it was 48 by the time i read it
Basically my card had a hold on it because i forgot to transfer my pay to my checking, so there was a hold on my card. I sent an e-mail to massdrop and got a basic, standard, automated reply for such an issue, which said, can't do anything. I was heartbroken and posted my sadness on the miami dolche discussion. Then my hero Vigrith somehow relayed some info to Massdrop, and i got a second email that let me update my payment info and i was all set.
Working in a customer service job, I can understand the burocracy behind the process, and having to dissapoint customers even though you don't want to because of a million different variables, that arent allowed to be divulged, sucks, but sometimes its really unavoidable. Plus it helps if you get your payment information right the first time.
The rest of my buys here have been great experiances, so I still love massdrop, even though it burns holes in my wallet, and has somehow made me want to upgrade my pc, buy expensive things to shave my face, learn how to solder to make a led keychain, sharpen knives or build a new pc, or buy a pocket dac just to listen to some crazy ass headphones.
Jul 27, 2017
MakoSucksThe community here is great, the products are good and customer service is above average. I just wish the Support Team would be more communicative with people that reach out or that they reach out to. For instance: I asked for a refund on a product that was delivered in the wrong color (everyone received the wrong color). I included pictures and invoices and got a reply I needed to send pictures and invoices. Then communication went silent for 6 days, and eventually I checked PayPal to see a refund. No communication on that from the Support Team.
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