Feb 1, 20193895 views

Tin Audio T3

Alright Massdrop! Gonna need to see a drop for the T3’s. I know they’re out there!
Janos Tözser, agaidar, and 22 others

I'm also waiting for these babies to arrive. I need them in my life ASAP.
It’s gonna happening in 2 days $69 with a $10 drop
actually it's happening tomorrow on the 7th
They are apparently going to drop Feb 11 alongside the retail release.
I set up a poll if you would like to vote on it. I have the Kanas Moonbeam vs BVGP DM6 vs TIN T3.
I literally can't find any info on these besides BGGAR's videos. Based on his first impressions seems like a major upgrade to T2s.
That’s my understanding as well. The graph was very compelling. Based on my experience with the T2’s the T3’s should be phenomenal. But we shall see.