Best headphones on the go?

I'm an audiophile noob, but want to get some good headphones for walking to work, and taking to and from home / on airplanes etc.
I am currently using HiFiMan HE-350 at work, and have cheap IEMs I use for working out. I think I'd prefer some light, over ear headphones for walking around and with my iPhone, but I find the HiFiMan a little too heavy and awkward when moving around (but maybe it's just the cord?).
What would you recommend for portable, high quality headphones?

Apr 16, 2018
Try Fiio FH1 for $75
Dec 6, 2017
KOSS has reasonable models which all come with life time guarantees. I believe there are some currently dropped! The sad thing is they are rarely thought about with all the other brands on the market. KOSS has been around for many years and has withstood time.
Nov 29, 2017
Try the E-Mu Purplehearts
Aug 20, 2017
Walking around is different than most other applications you mentioned. For flying, train commute, office environment, etc, isolation is desirable. But for walking around, you really need to be able to hear cues from your environment like oncoming vehicles, etc.
Aug 17, 2017
I have Sennheiser HD 700's (recent MD purchase:) and had (gifted away) 598 SE's at home; used to have older Bose NC for air-travel (lost), now replaced by Sony MDR-NC500D's; but if buying again for air-travel (hi-level constant noise) I would get the Bose QC 35's.
But,, if you are looking for walking around mobility, put down anywhere, audiophile quality (wired), closed but not noise canceling; you are in an in-between, hybrid, audiophile/mobile can market. I have never tried them, but it looks to me that there is an unsung sleeper in these road-worthy, HD audio quality metal cans: Review/blog: Ignore the bass-boost thingy, they had to do that because marketing told them too... doesn't deter from the base quality of the cans, and you can use it for 'kicks' when you want.
Or,,, just go retro for fun:
Aug 13, 2017
Koss Portapro's. $40. Lightweight. Right angle connector. Lifetime guarantee. No brainer.
Aug 12, 2017
Well I just picked up a set of m40x's for exactly this purpose. There's a bundle on Amazon that includes a short cable and also got a pair of zmf cowhide pads to solve the comfort issue. You now have a neutral set of closed cans that are very comfy and have incredible sound isolation. Plus they feel really well built in a could take a beating and still keep going type way.
Go buy those Porta Pros lol
Aug 9, 2017
I don't see one set handling all things well. I'd want buds for walking, as you really should have some awareness around you. Office/home, you can go nuts with a tube amp and a big set of cans. Airplane, you want portable, but noise cancelling. Bose 35s kick ass here. I actually work in a noisy office next to the industrial area, and started bringing my 35s to work. While not the best headphones, they are the best at making the world go away and I don't have to blast my music to hear it.
Aug 9, 2017
I recently got some symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds that are great! I got them during Amazon prime day at 15€ but are normally worth 60€ i say while not cheap they are really worth every penny they are the best headphones I've ever gotten
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