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Studio headphones around 170-220$?

I´m looking for a pair of good studio headphones around that prize (150€-200€; around 170$-220$). I need something comfortable and hardwearing, could you give me any advice? Thanks.

Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro 250 ohm
Beyer DT770, Senn HD280, Koss Pro 4S all good options. Isolate well, pretty neutral, and built like tanks.
And what about AKGs models? Because I've heard so well about them to
AKG were a storied manufacturer, but have been passed around by different owners recently. I have no direct experience with them unfortunately, but I generally think highly of their older models based on measurements and rep. Just get a closed back for the studio...
audio technica ath m50x is lil below that price point but they are really good
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I also have an At 2020 and a scarlett, and I'll use this headphones to record and mix music with my voice, because I writte to. In this case, maybe the more neutral headphones could be, the better, isn't it?
I read that the MSR7 have more rich and fuller mid and high end.