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Best exercise earbuds

I’m searching for exercise headphones and I can’t decide. I had a pair of Sony wired earbuds that worked well until the left driver suddenly went soft on me, like via shorted cable. I’m interested in wireless, but not against wired. What I’m reluctant to try is the wireless kind with the cords that wrap around the back of your neck; that’s an adverse spasm trigger point for me that causes severe back pain with relatively short sustained contact (hence why I hate wearing ties). If it has any weight in the cord I can’t wear it. Right now I’m wearing a pair of Nuforce HEM8s as my dailys, and lord knows I’m not using those during workouts! Also trying to cap the budget at $150.

Feb 13, 2019
Treblab X5' sound really nice, are easily affordable, have great passive isolation (especially with foam tips, which also improve the nice bass), have great battery life and are super convenient. Their wireless connection is not as stable as Airpods (no truly wireless earbuds are TMK), call/mic quality isn't mind blowing (again nothing compared to Airpods like almost all other truly wireless buds) and there is significant video/audio lag so they're not great for watching videos BUT... when it comes to listening to music and working out, I don't see how they can be beat in terms of sound quality, value, battery life, noise isolation and ease of use/convenience. Personally, my workouts seem to feel like they go by much quicker when using my X5's... I even take my shower with them after cause they're slightly water resistant! lol (I just don't wash my hair and make sure I don't get direct shower head spray on them). They are actually my DD's for commuting to work if not using my Sony 1000MX's, they cut out that much noise and sound that good! I also have NAD Viso HP50's, DT770's, Senn Urbanite, HD215, 280, 380, Portapros and some Klipsch cans so it's not like I'm comparing the X5's to crap either... I'm picky when it comes to sound... I was born into it cause my dad used to sell high end audio systems from home. This likely got me into music big time - listening and playing... I'm a pro drummer since 30 years. I don't have crazy gear but I definitely have at least very decent gear and a home studio with ribbon monitors... Kef's in the living room... AudioEngines in the basement, HK, Bose, etc.... I really have too many speakers and headphones in the house lol... Bottom line, just get the X5's from Amazon and if you're not happy, return them! I doubt you will honestly.
Feb 25, 2019
SubhunterI ended up going with a pair of the XR700s as the reviews seemed a little more favorable. I'll let you know what I think about them!
Feb 13, 2019
As much as I despise Apple, the AirPods are honestly not bad for the use case mentioned here (they can sometimes be found on sale at certain stores). They're definitely good for stuff like running if you want to move away from having a cord. Otherwise, if you want better sound quality and are willing to put up with a cord, the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 is an IEM that I would buy if I didn't hate IEMs in general (can't stand the sensation of having them in my ear. Heck, I can barely stand my earplugs for concerts).
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